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As the Mother Daughter duo Family Nurse Practitioner graduates from Nova Southeastern University in the Fall of 2015, Angella John (the mother) and Tiffiny Wilson (the daughter) are seasoned healthcare veterans. Angella began her healthcare career in nursing over 20 years ago and has continually committed herself to furthering her educational studies. Tiffiny began her healthcare career in nursing over 10 years ago and graduated from University of Miami’s Accelerated Nursing program in 2008. Both Tiffiny and Angella simultaneously received their MSN degree and training as Family Nurse Practitioners from Nova Southeastern University in 2015. Their core philosophical approach is that symptoms are manifestations of underlying
dysfunction directly connected to the individuals physical and biochemical uniqueness. Their goal is to help strengthen preventative health care in their community through early diagnosis and intervention. Their mission is to utilize their training and education to teach patients the pathways that promotes a state of well-being, which will empower patients to make informed decisions about their health.

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